Phillip Seay for Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, Jack Jouett District

photo of Phillip Seay

Hello everyone. Thank you for visiting. My name is Phillip Seay. I am the Independent candidate running for the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors seeking the Jack Jouett District seat. I have been a County resident since 1998.

This is my first experience running for an elected office. I am not a professional politician nor endear to be. When I taught government and civics, I kept a poster in my classroom. It read “Here… the yet unfolding experiment, the world’s first government, by, for and of its people - Democracy.” This venture will be a continuation of this on-going experiment. I am basically a non-mover and/or shaker in local affairs seeking an elected office. I am an average tax paying resident that still believes in the idea of “government by the people”, not the politicians, agendas of political parties or special interest.

Ok you say, sounds nice, but why should I vote for you? Allow me to share. For the past 28+ years of my professional life I have been a public servant. First as a county law enforcement officer, a state juvenile court services probation councilor, a high & middle school teacher and administrator, a coach at both public and private schools and since 2006, the Executive Director/Director of a national youth development organization – The First Tee, teaching age appropriate life skills, core values and healthy habits through the medium of sport. The local Chapter is sponsored by a city government.

I believe these experiences have prepared me to serve as your Supervisor. It has provided me a unique understanding from the ground up of how government services work and can work better. This is where the majority of us encounter such services.

Please take a moment to review my About and Issues pages. If you are still undecided, please contact me with your thoughts, questions and concerns. I do look forward to the opportunity to meet you. Unfortunately, I will not get to every residence. My sincere apologies. However, I will listen to you – ALL of you and I will work hard to develop positive relationships and a thorough understanding of the issues facing Jouett and County residents. 

I believe I can make a difference but I cannot do it alone. This only happens with your permission. Really, it’s more about you than it is me. In the coming weeks, my goal is to earn your trust, support and your vote.



Phillip Seay, Ed.S



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